Friday, September 12, 2008

37, Extra support and onto the next.

With the arch in place, the next step, for my own piece of mind, was to build in some steel reinforcing. I wanted to be sure that the whole thing would stay as one unit, should any movement occur. To achieve this I created a cavity in the stonework into which could be poured reinforced concrete. For the reinforcing I used galvanised 12mm deformed bar. At each side I formed a return where the steel could be tied to another beam, set behind the bay window lintels.

The concrete done, it's now time to move the formwork and make a start on the next arch.

The west end arch is on the go. I had made a small trolley to run in some 50 x 50mm lipped channel and carry the smaller of my electric hoists. This made light work of the lifting of the voussoirs into position.

The second bay arch completed, this one dedicated to my middle child, Julia.

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