Monday, September 1, 2008

25, Shaping up nicely.

By December 2003 the bits were coming together beautifully . The fabricated bracket fitted snugly and gave good solid support to the arbour.
The hydraulic motor had to be bought new. At a price of $1500.00, I was starting to discover the real price of hydraulics. Very few hydraulic motors are capable of transferring 40hp at 600rpm, the optimum blade speed, so it was nigh on impossible to locate one secondhand. A perfect fit of the shaft into the arbour made me very happy and it then only required a collar to prevent it rotating.
I used inverted 30 x30mm angle iron fixed to 30 x 30mm square tube for rails, these were supported on 2 piece slotted brackets which I had made. I was able to shim and adjust these to ensure the rails were true and straight. I had all this hot dip galvanised to prevent any problems with alignments due to rust build up.
The trolley I made from 75 x 40mm "C" section. With a length of 2.1m and a width of 1.2m it was to give me a good work surface. This too, when complete, I had galvanised.

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