Tuesday, September 2, 2008

27, Electrics.

My employment at Connex trains in Melbourne afforded me the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. The scrapping of a large number of Hitachi units as I was preparing to carry out the electrical work enabled me to rescue a large amount of reusable gear.
Enclosures, buttons, switches, circuit breakers, relays and contactors from these trains made up a large proportion of my requirements.

The main switch panel, constructed from the "PLC" box, fitted in the saloon area, behind the driving cab.

2 separate remote panels were made from enclosures located in the driving cab. The push buttons were from the drivers door and park brake controls.

The design and installation of the wiring took me about 5 months to complete and consisted of 240volt AC mains supply, 2 separate 180volt DC supplies for the for the trolley drive and head positioning, 24volt DC control for the aforementioned, 12volt DC control for the power unit. 6volt DC for the cooling fans and 3volt DC for the 2 speedometers, which were rescued from dead treadmills.

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