Monday, September 1, 2008

26, Power unit.

2 years flew by as I worked on the electrical controls and the power supply, but, by December 2005 I did have something to show for it. For versatility I built the power unit as a portable appliance.
The trailer frame I fabricated from scratch. Onto this I fitted the rear axle and wheels from the Nissan, with the guards being salvaged from an old boat trailer. The radiator and motor, complete with gearbox were mounted in the front, with a new drive shaft made, (for $130.00), to couple it to the hydraulic pump.
3mm steel plate, salvaged from scrap, I used to form a hood to weatherproof the engine compartment. The tailgate struts, saw new life supporting this hood.
With all the main parts completed I delivered it, (along with the stone trolley), to the galvanisers for dipping.

Other recycled van parts included the fuel tank and filler, fuel filter, air filter, fuse panel, gear stick, gauge cluster, ignition switch, battery clamp and the clutch, modified for hand control. I also used the heater controls, connected to the injectors, to control the running and idle speeds.
A solenoid operated 3 way hydraulic control valve and 2 pressure relief valves, along with the associated plumbing and couplings, completed the unit, which has proved more than satisfactory.
The retaining of the gear box allows different hydraulic flow rates to be selected, with 3rd gear being the optimum for operating the saw.

To maintain the correct running speed I connected a cruise control unit, purchased from a local car boot sale for $30.00. After much time wasting fiddling, it proved unreliable and cantankerous and I replaced it with a simple solenoid which pulls the injector control lever a set distance.

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