Wednesday, September 3, 2008

29, Blade cooling.

Being a wet saw it's pretty obvious that water is going to be needed, As we have no mains water supply and rely totally on the rain for our needs I needed to be able to re-use as much water as possible. The floors are all sloped toward the central well, into which the water collects, from here it flows into the 2 settling tanks. From these tanks it then spills into the main storage, situated under the floor below the pump. The pump, an ex swimming pool pump with strainer, I picked up for $20.00. It was looking pretty sorry and rusty but cleaned up ok and works a charm.
I fitted the pressure gauge to give me an early indication of the tank level getting too low and the pump starting to lose prime, it works well with the needle dancing erratically the moment air pockets start to form.
To direct the water onto the blade I fabricated a "Y" assembly from 3/4" copper piping and secured it to the blade cover. Onto this are screwed 2 straight tubes into which I drilled a line of holes along one side, more concentrated towards the cutting edge. These and their end caps are easily removable for cleaning.
The small assembly to the top left of the picture is an adjustable holder that I was working on in which to mount a laser, this was to assist when aligning the cuts. I found in practice that this is unnecessary and wasted no further time on it, much to the delight of the mud wasps!

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