Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30, Handling the weight.

The cutting capacity of the saw was going to enable me to cut bigger blocks than I had previously been handling, for this I erected an internal gantry inside the shed. I used a block and tackle suspended on a girder trolley to lift the stone onto the trolley.
A more recent purchase from eBay was a 250kg capacity electric winch, I picked this up for about $60.00 including postage, which has made the job far quicker an easier. So happy was I with it that I ended up with 2 more 500kg versions at about $100.00 each, one to mount on a barrow hoist, (to be described in a later blog), and one to replace my initial winch, which I now use on the house.
Another girder trolley, eBay again for $37.00, had to be modified to mount this new winch on.

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