Saturday, January 30, 2010

51, Ground floor stonework completed. (for good, I hope!)

The blog's been quiet for a while but the work on the house has continued on relentlessly. After completion of the string course my attention was shifted to the state of the limestone that I had capped the rear wall with for the past ??? years. I had left it uncovered, exposed to all the elements but with a channel formed behind it in an attempt to divert any rainwater. This proved to be a mistake as the water tended to form pools, soaked into the stone and kept it wet, causing it to discolour severely. This was not an issue in the area where the rear balcony was to be located, as these were to be re-laid with bluestone in a similar manner as I had done on the front. The 4 blocks, however, forming the string course at the top of the rear laundry wall, the first section of wall completed, were a different matter and were so badly stained that they needed to be replaced.

Work on the rear wall completed, ready for the balcony.
With only about 60mm of the string course to be seen above the balcony floor level I felt it better to use bluestone here, as the wear and scuffing to be expected in this area would be extremely detrimental to the much softer limestone.

Staining is still evident on the top of the east wall on the right of the photo, this is not as severe as it was on the rear. I am hoping to be able to bleach it out, as I do not wish to have to replace these as well.

The rear wall, now finally re-laid. The stonework can now continue upwards.

The north end of the west wall abutting the existing house. The block work has been arranged to keep the, yet to be installed, step flashings at even increments.