Monday, August 25, 2008

9, Limestone.

The middle of 1995 saw the delivery of 18 pallets of Mount Gambier Limestone, about 21 cubic meters, enough to clad a complete house in veneer construction for a total price of about $1700.00 including freight, (it pays to shop around). The sizes were many and varied allowing for the various quoins, lintels, string courses and corbels, All heights were 290mm, widths 100, 140, 190, 240 and 290mm and lengths in 660mm increments to the 4 longest blocks being a whopping 2640mm, (8 feet, 8 inches). Only 1 of these longest blocks was required for a triple window but I was so worried about easy breakage at this length, I made sure I had spares.

I set about trying a few different bevel sizes on the quoins and arranged them in a mock up to see what I preferred, the different bevels being on the left; 56mm, centre; 45mm and right: 37mm. I opted for the more subtle 37mm giving the stones a 26mm (1 inch) horizontal protrusion. Now in hindsight with more wall areas to look at, I feel I should have had them even more subtle, probably about 26mm.
Further information on this stone can be found at the following web site;

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