Thursday, August 28, 2008

17, Keystones.

By the 1st of February 2002 we had finally purchased our first digital camera (no more scanned pics!), and I had the keystones ready to put into position. They are to sit over the Limestone lintels on the West wall.

These Keystones help to support the wall loads over the window and door openings. As no steel lintels are used I wanted to make sure that the structure is solid.
Behind the lintels I poured reinforced concrete beams These, I hope, will prevent the limestone from cracking should any movement occur. Above these and behind the Keystones I formed rough brick arches to ensure the load is spread to the sides. It all sounds like an overkill, but you tend to be more pedantic with your own house.
The ground floor west wall finally completed on the 19th of March 2002 with the string course in place.

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