Monday, August 25, 2008

8, Cills.

The window cills seen in the above picture were one of my most fortunate acquisitions, after reading in the local paper in early 1995, of the protests against the demolition of "The Priory", a federation style building associated with "Ariston", an historic house in Geelong West, I took a drive past on my way to work the next morning to see what all the fuss was about. What I saw had my got my heart racing, the timber window and door frames had all been removed and the complete set of bluestone cills were sitting loosely in their positions. Following a few frantic phone calls I was in contact with the demolition contractor, disappointment was my initial reaction, with me being told that the purchaser of the windows had first option on them. Persistent harassing on my part during the course of the day finally had him relent by mid afternoon, provided I would part with the sum of $500.00. Needless to say that within the hour I was back there with my father, his truck and a couple of extra hands. The total sum of my purchase being 26 window cills of varying sizes, 1 large front door cill, 2 smaller door cills, 4 large steps and a few roofing slates.

On tallying up the 7 different cill sizes and comparing them with my plans I was amazed to find that they matched almost perfectly with very minimal resizing of the windows being required, I couldn't believe my luck.

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