Tuesday, August 26, 2008

13, Internal framework.

With the floor frame out of the way, The next step was to frame the internal walls within the completed rear section.For these I used 140mm x 45mm radiata pine which I sourced from local farm windbreaks. This timber, after I milled it, needed to be seasoned. For this purpose I constructed a solar kiln into which I placed the sticks after the initial air drying.The Kiln, ready to go with a load of wood, the side panels are removable to allow easy access.
The kiln again, with the panels in place. The small extension on the left was added to enable me to fit 6 meter lengths inside.
The kiln works by fans, mounted in a false ceiling, sucking internal air through holes in the bottom of the side panels, up through these panels and under the roofing to heat it. The air is then forced down behind a false wall in the back and out through a series of holes and through the wood stack. The small movable flap in the base of the centre panel allows me to exchange a small amount of air to prevent it from getting saturated. In cooler weather I simply place a small column heater inside to warm the air. The kiln works ok but it still takes many weeks in warm weather to dry the timber to below the 12% moisture content required for pine, but, who's in a hurry?

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