Thursday, August 28, 2008

18, A start is made on the East wall.

April, 2002 saw me commence work on the East wall, projecting south from the existing cottage.
Behind this first course I used common concrete bricks to ensure a solid, flat surface was available for the fixing of the internal framework. I was doing the same at heights of 1200mm, 2400mm and 3600mm for the intermediate fixings and the top plate. The rubble that I was using to fill the backs of the walls was too irregular to guarantee suitable anchor points.
An example of a bond stone with the head chiselled true to maintain neat jointing.

By mid May 2002, I had the window cills in place. At the end of the month, with the wall about 25% complete my attention was temporarily (or so I thought at the time!)refocussed. The laying was to cease for about the next 4 years, another related project was about to consume my life!.

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